I did CONNECT my headset to my Magfi Mini Sound bar but I can't hear anything?


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    The soundbar is not the source of the music. Bluetooth to your music source
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    See if you can hear anything in lowercase. Might have blown the headset.
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    How do you know what he may have blown???
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    on the off chance you're asking a serious question. the Magnify mini is a bluetooth receiver which means it can receive a bluetooth signal to play sound, just like your headphones. It is not a transmitter, so it cannot transmit a bluetooth signal to your headphones, so if you're trying to transmit to your headphones by a device connected to the Mini (such as the TV), its not going to work. If the device that's playing the sound is also bluetooth then you need to connect that device to your headphones. If that device is hardwired to the Mini, then you will need a bluetooth transmitter to listen to that device on your headphones.
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