to late for this driver RIP sound solider

One of my MW6503 drivers is locked up from magnet shifting. I think it happen while doing upgrades, among them was epoxying the magnets. The other 3 in my SDA CRS are done now and fine. I ordered from ebay a pair of 2 replace it with. I couldnt decide between a new made replacement clone 6503, or 2 originals. I chose the 2 originals, cost the same but I got 2 instead of 1 for that price.
Should I...
A, Just replace the bad speaker with one of the used ones?
B, Replace one from each channel with the used pair? "Made in a differnt year than originals"
C, Just get the original 6503 repaired and use it, even though I have 2 replacements coming?

DON"T WAIT guys. Glue your magnets asap. Be careful and gentle when you do remove and glue them.

Lastly, who can fix/repair my cross-eyed 6503 driver?

I am so bummed out. All these upgrades and work done and I can't even test them out yet. This sucks.


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    Your midwoofer can join the Legion of Honor:


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    Your midwoofer can join the Legion of Honor:



    Usually, with bad speakers, I take them apart and salvage the magnets from them for use around the shop and workbench. But, SDA's are not your "usual" speakers. They justify repairs when possible.
    I will say though, the magnets from 2 old sl3000 tweeters that were cooked, are extremely useful. These two magnets get used nearly every job I do that involves screws or small steel parts. I have one of them glued to the bottom of an old Skoal can. USEFUL AS ALL HECK! Yes, I washed the can first. Nobody likes wintergreen smelling screws.
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    Better sweet talk @lawdogg

    I take it Lawdog can fix it?
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    As of June 3 his signature still says "I will fix your shifted magnets for free. :)" so you may be in luck. PM him.
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    Lawdog fixed it! He generously repaired my driver and it is now back installed and being enjoyed again. Thank you much!