PSW 10 operation

I am new to subwoofing and at a loss to understand what the switches and dials on the back of the speaker do. I understand the volume nob that’s it. The manual is strangely silent on this. What should I set these at for best performance ?


  • stevep
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    Volume - Adjusts the output loudness. (You know it)
    Low Pass - Adjusts the crossover point for the subwoofer. Frequencies below the setting are played.
    Power - Off, Auto (On when there is a signal), On
    Phase - 0 degrees, 180 degrees (adjusts the subwoofer output like changing the wire polarity on a speaker does)
    Line In - Right and Left Pre-Amp level inputs. (Use a Y adapter for a LFE signal)
    Speaker Level Output
    Speaker Level Input - These are strapped together In to Out and feed the sub from the speaker level voltages rather than the RCA Line in level voltage on connector above.
  • tonyb
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    How do you have it hooked up ? By the subwoofer out connection on the back of the receiver, or by speaker wires ?
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