LSAF 2021

LSAF founder Wayne Parham has issued the following sad but necessary announcement.

With regret, we're cancelling LSAF 2021. We had already made arrangements for the first weekend in June, and Embassy Suites tells us they are starting to get lots of events coming in this summer. Many of our regular exhibitors are itching to get out and do the deal. But the truth is that many exhibitors are still concerned and that alone is a warning flag. We don't want any of our shows to be controversial or contentious. So we are cancelling LSAF 2021 but fully expect to have one in June of 2022.
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Speaker Cables: Organic Audio Organic Reference 2
Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme
Interconnects: Argento Organic Reference 2, Argento Organic 2, Gabriel Gold Reckoning
Power Cables by: Argento Organic Reference, Cullen Cables, 6sons Audio, Swiss Cables


  • displayname
    displayname Posts: 941
    Understandable, but a bummer. Fingers crossed for next year!
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