Heard of a MW 6500 ?

I am going to Atlanta to pick these up this weekend. The guy that has them said that the number on the back is 6500. I have heard of and have specs for the :
And the 6512
But not a 6500. I know they are very early version MW's as the baskets are not black and I know they came out of Monitor 10's with peerless tweeters. Any other info would be cool but not necessarily needed I guess.
Where in Alabama ?

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    All the early monitors had the MW6500.

    Driver: MW 6500 Driver's model #.
    Brand: Polk Driver's brand name.
    Fs: 31.0000 Hz (Free air resonance)
    Vas: 2.6486 ft^3 (Compliance volume)
    Qts: 0.2190 Total Q
    Qms: 1.3000 Mechanical Q
    Qes: 0.2640 Electrical Q
    Sd: 0.0130 M^2 (Piston area)
    Xmax: 3.1800 mm (Cone excursion, linear)
    Revc: 6.5000 ohms (DC resistance)
    Znom: 8.0000 ohms (Nominal impedance)
    Pmax: 35.0000 watts maximum rated power
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    ^^Yeah what he said :) My '79 7B's have them. And yeah apparently the earlier 6500's were the silver basket ones and later ones were painted black.

    Those obviously (want to stay out of trouble lol) have a date of 5/16/80 and 5/07/80.