HTS 10 flashing red light, requires power cycle to correct

I have an HTS 10 connected to a Denon receiver via LFE and 12V control. Often (every couple of days), with the receiver on the HTS 10 will have a flashing red power light and no sound. Unplugging the power cable, waiting 10 seconds or so for the light to go out, and re-applying power fixes it.

Any ideas? Someone posted a similar question in Troubleshooting back in July but there was no answer.



  • Did you ever find a fix? You said you are using the 12V control but I was under the impression Denon doesn't have 12V DC out on their receivers. Insane since Polk is owned by the same parent company. My current amp doesn't have one and they seem to be less common than the user manual claims! Why can't we just have an on switch? Currently seeking a workaround.