Another DAC on the way!

So,about a year or so ago I added an external DAC into my system. I only use it for a Bluesound Node. Eventually I’ll do the streaming thing from a laptop. Not today though.
The DAC I first purchased was a used April Music Stello da 100 signature. I was very happy with the enhanced sound quality. A few months ago I set up a second system,digital only. For this system I use a Bluesound Node 2. (The main system has a 2i) When I set this system up,a purchased used Beresford Bushmaster DAC. It was pleasant enough,but remember,this hobby is a sickness,always searching for the next high! So after a couple weeks, I spot a first generation Schiit Bifrost that had the Uber upgrade. What the heck,it was cheap enough. I’m pleased with the upgrade in SQ. Am I done? Ha,right!
At this point, I’m actively seeking an upgrade for the Schiit. 2 days ago I find a Wyred4sound DAC-1 LE with the femto upgrade. I pulled the trigger,and I should have it in my grubby little hands on Tuesday. Do any of you folks have any experience with the DAC-1? I’ve read really good things about this DAC,but I was wondering about anyone here that has heard one,or owned one? I’m also curious about doing a shoot out with the April Music DAC. Any thoughts would be welcome.
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