MagniFi 2 HDMI Inputs not working properly. Is there an update in the works?

My TV knows it's connected to the MagniFi 2 bar when I switch on, but it sees no data.
I have equipment connected to HDMI 1 and 2.
Playing with the buttons on my remote does nothing even though the lights on the soundbar respond correctly. Scrolling through the inputs using the button on the soundbar itself eventually makes a handshake. After that everything works as expected until I turn off again.
QUESTION: Is a firmware/software update in the works or should I return this item before my return option expires?


  • I'll ask for you.
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    The response:

    "It needs to be connected to HDMI (ARC) audio return channel.
    The HDMI inputs are a one way street so there is no back and forth communication between the bar to TV.
    Does his TV have the HDMI ARC connection?
    If there is no HDMI ARC, another option is to connect it using both the optical cable and the HDMI cable.
    He will need to select the optical input on the bar to get audio."
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    Thanks, that makes no sense to me.
    The MagniFi IS connected to the TV via ARC. My cablebox and Roku stick are connected to HDMI 1 and 2 respectively on the MagniFi. That's the connection setup I want. It's what worked with two other soundbars I have used.
    They surely can't mean that does not work. Otherwise, what is the point of the HDMI inputs?
    Also, it DOES work After I cycle through all the inputs on the soundbar using the soundbar source button each time I switch on.
    Finally: Thanks so much for your support!
  • I'll pass this along.
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    Thanks again.
    As everything works reliably as expected once the first connection is made successfully through the soundbar's own button, it really feels like a firmware or software issue in a new product.
    I chose this one to upgrade to because I am so happy with the individual Polk speakers I have in my main system.
  • Hello,
    Please contact Kim Jasper at [email protected] and explain what you're experiencing. He's aware of your situation.
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    Thanks for your help!
    I have sent Kim everything I know, including the two ways I found to make it work after switching on.
    FYI: The first way I already described using the soundbar source button.
    The second way I just found is using the TV remote switch away from HDMI (ARC) input then switch back to it.
    I would surmise that somehow the initial handshake on switch on just doesn't complete properly.
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    Hi, Kim promised to send me a replacement, but it never arrived.
    I have found that waiting a few seconds after switching on the soundbar then using the TV remote to switch away from HDMI3 (ARC) input then switching back to it works every time, so I really think there is some firmware/software timing issue in the handshake on initial switch on.
    Has anyone else had a similar issue?
  • My tv cable box from Vodafone (Portugal) is 6 years old, I guess it has an outdated HDCP, The soundbar works well with every other imput but the TV Box, so I assume its HDCP related, in order to sort this I had to connect it to the TV, Until Vodafone update the cable box I'll have to use both controllers.. TV and Soundbar :(
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    I have the same problem.

    Every time I turn on the bar, I can't hear it, I have the sound source connected to HDMI 1. I have to wait a few minutes and then with the button on the bar, go through all the hdmi until I return to 1, then I can hear it. It is very uncomfortable.
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    Did you set up with Google Home app? this will fetch latest software updates and may fix issues
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    Yes, I have the latest firmware. Updated with Google Home.

  • I assume there is still no fix to this problem, right?
    I just bought a Polk Magnifi 2 because I needed a soundbar with 3x HDMI-in.
    Now I have to switch to TV after turning on the soundbar, and then switch back to the input-source I want to use. Very annoying.
  • I'll forward this to a friend at Polk for information.
  • Please send your name, address, telephone number, email address and the serial number of the unit to:
    [email protected] and he will take care of it.
  • Hi SeleniumFalcon,

    thanks for you reply, I will try to contact your friend.

    As an short updated, I figured out that this behaviour only happens after the soundbar was turned off for several hours (e.g. over night). Turing if off and on again immediately works fine.
  • Hi,
    I have just purchased a MagniFi 2 and I am also experiencing the same or a similar issue. The source doesn't change when using the remote after periods of inactivity. I have to use the source button on the soundbar to cycle through all inputs and then audio/video is restored.

    Hope you can advise on a soultion.