Dune (2020)



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    Hehe, I don't know that I could be a good judge of kid-appropriate. I didn't think The Lion King was kid appropriate after I saw it and Mufasa got trampled and died. I remember turning to my gf at the time and going, "Why did you make me watch this?!?" :D

    There are the themes of betrayal and deep loss in the story that could be upsetting for young children, but the violence and graphic imagery are less hellish which seems less disturbing to me than in the original film. I still can't watch certain scenes in the original. No language and no 8008135 / 5318008
    Baron Harkonnen doesn't have skin boils.

    Thx Scott! I think they will at least try it with me…
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    Be forewarned - they might never eat cinnamon toast at the beach ever again.
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    As was noted, the soundtrack is good. Cinematography is also excellent. I didn’t even think of “the sleeper must awaken” but that’s another example where I thought it was glossed over. I need to find out more about Paul’s Ma tho. Lol. Frank Hebert was a frickin’ genius, that I know.
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    I very much enjoyed it and felt it stayed true to the book, which in today’s market is NOT a given.

    Cast was great and while I hate that it’s two films, they cut it at a good place.
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    I know, we've all been spoiled by the ability to binge watch. I hate getting cliffhangered, even though we all know the story.

    I read that this is showing in IMAX. Bet that's pretty cool.
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    If you are a syfi fan just do it and on a big screen. Really pulled me in and can't wait for part 2.
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