Magnifi Max Issues

Just recently purchased a Magnifi Max SR from Crutchfield. The problems I’m having are the following.

1. Crackling from rear surrounds.
2. Unsecured SSID broadcasting on WiFi.
3. Lip Sync issues on different shows or channels.

I called tech support and they had me do a WiFi reset that temporarily turned off the broadcasting but it reappeared after I hung up with tech support. He also told me this would help with the lip sync problem but it did not. I don’t have a cell phone or anything that will run apps. So far it looks like this particular sound bar system never should have made it to the public from the reviews I’m reading with no solutions offered.

I am unable to return it to crutchfield as that ship has sailed. I’m active duty and didn’t have time to really scrutinized the system thoroughly after purchase right away as I got deployed. I put to much trust in the Polk name I guess. This is a travesty pushing out products that aren’t ready for public use and a huge problem.

Very dissatisfied and disappointed.

Going to file a BBB complainant at this point.


  • Hi USAFPilot,

    I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your MagniFi Max SR.

    I was able to get in contact with an associate at Polk and here is what they recommend:

    “The bar is broadcasting a “soft access point” so the user can set it up on their Wi-Fi network. I would highly recommend that the user downloads the Google Home app which will guide them through setting up the sound bar on their Wi-Fi network. This setup process will also fetch the latest firmware update and should fix many of the issues they are having with the surround speakers.

    If the user does not wish to download an app, the other option is to hard wire the sound bar to their router via Ethernet. This will turn off the soft AP and the latest firmware will install within 24 hours.

    If lip sync issues persist after the firmware update, the best thing to do is experiment with the audio output settings in both the TV and set top box to find a combination that works best.“

    I hope this is helpful.
  • Thank you for the support. I did have it hardwired after I first got but was concerned about what kind of data it was sending. I have a Samsung TV that has endless logs in my router sending information to Samsung as well as other sites using quite a bit of data at all hours. I finally blocked it from the router end after researching where and what the data is for.

    I don’t have a phone that runs apps but I will attempt to plug it in again and see if it updates the firmware. If not I will just remove the rear surround speakers as I have them turned down all the way because the popping and cracking drives my wife and I crazy. The data in the forum however shows the problem hasn’t been resolved in a very long time but I will try options before filing a BBB complaint.
  • Hello,
    Here is the response from my friend at Polk:

    "The MagniFi Max sound bar should use virtually no data at idle unless a new firmware update is being fetched and installed. Regarding the firmware update, make sure the bar is powered off (in standby) between the hours of 2:00-4:00AM local time. This will ensure that it installs and updates within the first 24 hours it is plugged in.

    If you are still experiencing the same issues with the surround speakers the next day, please private message and send me the MAC IDs on the bottom of your sound bar. To send a private message, click on my user name "KennethSwauger", then click on the "Message" button.

    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. "
  • Mine is running system firmware version 132 and it still has crackle issues with the wireless rear speakers. Occurs with Verizon FIOS setup box movies and AppleTV 4K. Does anyone know what the latest firmware version is for the Magnifi Max?
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    Crackling continues. 3 replaced. No change.
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    I purchased POLK MagniFI Max system in December. Ive just started having problems. The sound bar will not stay on. I have un plugged it all & re started it. The bar comes on, orange light comes on & then 4 white dots come on then back to 1 orange light & then turns off. There is no sound. The sound bar does not stay on long enough to have sound. At 5 months old this should not be happening. I have looked at ifixit & it says replace motherboard. Where do I buy a new motherboard?
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    I'll forward your information to a friend at Polk, he should contact you via email.
  • Magni Max Subwoofer blinking green. I attempted to sync (button on Subwoofer) and on Sound bar to no success. Any suggestions?
  • I recommend sending an email to: [email protected] and describe the issue.
  • Hello I have a problem with my surround speakers. It is all the time crackling. I have firmware version: 132. I was change the hdmi cable, settings on my TV. Did not help. What should I do to stop crackling? If I cannot find a solution, I will have to return the speakers 😔
  • See the post before yours.
  • Hello, I have Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR Home Theater Surround Sound Bar. When I go from Cable to watching some of my APPs, Showtime, HboMax, Parmount+ I get no sound. I do get sound on Netflix, Youtube app. This just started the other night up until then it work on all the apps. What could be causing this?
  • I am having the same problem.
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    Beachcw04 wrote: »
    When I go from Cable to watching some of my APPs, Showtime, HboMax, Parmount+ I get no sound. I do get sound on Netflix, Youtube app.

    Are the apps internal to the TV, or some external device?

    eta: I see you posted this on a few threads, so maybe you already got your answer. Good rule of thumb for posts, "one and done."

  • I have magnifi maxsr sound system and the surround sound speakers & subwoofer are not working. Performed the suggested sync steps, receive the tone and green light stops blinking but no sound still. The tone on sync step is heard at subwoofer & surround speakers each time. Any suggestions? Btw, this system has been functioning properly for months.
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    I just bought this magnify maxsr and there crackling, sound like gun shots coming out out the sub-woofer- does anyone has an idea as to how to correct this?
  • That is usually caused by interference between the soundbar and other wireless devices. Try separating the soundbar from your router as much as possible.
  • The Soundbar communicates with the subwoofer and wireless rear speakers via RF. Other nearby wireless devices, including wireless routers, can cause communication issues, resulting in popping or crackling sounds. Temporarily place the wireless surround speakers (or subwoofer) near the soundbar for initial re-pairing. Once paired, you can move the speakers (or subwoofer) to their desired location. Relocating other nearby wireless devices may be necessary. If you need more help, please contact Polk Support by visiting
  • I have been battling Polk for years because of the popping noise in the surrounds. In the beginning they always told me to wait for an update. Then it gets past the warranty and they don't seem to want to help at all. I have saved every single complaint from every forum I can find. Including the complaints on here. It is now to the point where I feel the need to get a lawyer and file a class action lawsuit. If anyone is interested in teaming up with me on this. Find me on Facebook. My name is Blake Biellier.