Woodbourne-powers up, BT connects BUT no sound

Hi, I have a Woodbourne (owned for 5 years) in mint condition and it would pain me to throw it out, so hoping someone can provide some ideas on how to possibly resolve the issue.

The unit powers up and connects to my phone via BT and also via the Chromecast Audio that is plugged in the back, but unfortunately there is no sound. I have also tried directly plugging an ipod into the back with 3.5mm cable - no sound.

I have very recently purchased a heater that is plugged into the same powerboard and it has caused the powerboard to 'trip' a few times. Could this have caused the issue?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

[Sorry this was originally posted in 2-channel (it defaulted to that category and I can't work out how to delete the post]
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