Finally getting my crossover knowledge increased thanks to this ADS L810 repair.

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Man have I learned a lot in the past 2 days and nights. But it's just the beginning. B)

I learned my Braun speakers have ADS on the grills, mids, tweeter and cabinet face! :o
I thought I read Braun over the years...
Maybe I have a set of Brauns around here also. :D

How much I'll remember is another thing. I just watched some videos on current flow in circuits and what capacitors, inductors and resistors do to it. This is unreal! :s Many more days ahead are needed for sure! I still have a lot more to learn!
But at least this is a start.

Starting to learn :) ;

Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.


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    I had a pair of ADS 700’s years ago ( yes ADS were rebadged Brauns ) and always want the 810’s. Hope you’ll keep us updated on your progress and post listening impressions when you complete this project.
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    Do they have Peerless Tweeters? I always thought that dome midrange was pretty cool. A friend had ADS's back in late 70's.
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    crossovers? L, C, and R.

    ads were, in essence, rebadged Brauns in the early years -- indeed, very early on, I think ads may have been a (the?) US distributor for Braun's loudspeakers (maybe hifi electronics, too? -- I am too lazy to google).

    Over time, ads diverged from their "Braun" heritage.

    Old(er) or new(er), there were many, many very fine loudspeakers bearing the 'ads' and/or the 'Braun' badges. I'd've bought ads loudspeakers when I bought my Monitor7As, but the similarly sized ads were way more 'spensive.

    I cannot ever recall seeing any ads or Braun products with any Peerless drivers (tweeters or otherwise) -- but I could be wrong. Braun was Germans, and y'all know that them Germans can be a little persnickety about stuff that ain't German. ;)

    (I am about 25% German, so I feel a certain right to poke fun at 'em/myself)

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    Do they have Peerless Tweeters? I always thought that dome midrange was pretty cool. A friend had ADS's back in late 70's.

    Yup...Peerless tweeter too. :p I might've posted with really knowing. I just assumed due their look. I might still have the one laying outside the cabinet. I go check right now.

    I haven't done anything except order some cast resistors for them. I'm sure one of those OLD block capacitors is bad. I have 4 caps on the board to examine very soon. I've been doing a lot of other stuff around here and put the project on hold. I had a guy that was going to help but he's quarantining close to home I guess.

    But I did meet a nice guy night before last who bought my 4 MCS towers. He says he's a master electronics repairman now. Turntable too. He lives 4 hours away but said email is just as good with good pictures for him to look at. So that is a God send! He said he's teach me anything I needed to know about stereo and speaker repair. B)

    Going out to look at that tweeter...

    Doc...You're right again! ;):p They have ADS on the faceplate. A9 on their back. The midrange has ADS on its faceplate too.

    I'm still at this point. (pic) BUT...I have 2 cross-overs now to learn on. I ordered one from eBay. I was just going to temporarily hook up the one from eBay and see if it works but I noticed one choke was loose on it. The solder is loose on both pins. I don't think there will be a problem with it after I touch it with a hot tip.


    But to get/buy new caps that are the size of these originals is my wall to break down / through! Maybe this guy from Winston Salem will be my advisor for years to come.
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    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
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