Interesting developments on the "science and engineering meet cables" front (seriously)

Hot of the 'presses' (well... the internet, since this year's meeting was - of course - virtual), an interesting presentation on some 'hard science' studies on the historically more 'black magic' aspects of wire.



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    You have to be careful with papers like that. Not saying it is not true.....just that as a scientist I know there are a lot of junk papers out there and i would I would treat this convention paper as one of them.

    Audio patents can be even worse. Patent reviewers just check claims and do not reproduce the science. And all a patent means is that no one else can sell it (not that it works or is useful). There are a lot of patents that are total BS but companies pay the money to get them approved. Then they claim their widget has to work. After all there is a patent for it.
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    No one will ever convince a cable naysayer. They wouldn't admit cables make a difference even if they heard a difference.
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    Short paper. One paragraph.
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    That's the abstract.
    Not ethical for me to reproduce the whole presentation.
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    Well I don’t know much. But if you have the budget to afford higher end cables And you like the sound that is a beautiful thing! But if you’re happy with the budget cable that too is a beautiful thing! We all have different goals for our systems and we all have different budgets and family situations. I am just glad to be along For the ride! So rock on and enjoy your weekend!
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