Sound bar Signa S2 stopped working

Purchased the sound bar Signa S2 couple months ago. Worked fine until yesterday and stopped working. I have it connected to the ARC HDMI connectors. Tried different cable, still no sound. Tried unplugging unit, waiting, starting back up, no help. The TV recognizes the unit as it says it is set up when i plug back in, but still not sound. Please HELP!


  • [Deleted User]
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    You might want to try another input, such as DVD/CD player into the soundbar via Toslink or 3.5mm connector. This will show if soundbar is the cause.
  • hdrider
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    i used the optical cable to the TV and it now works. The volume display does not show on the TV but it works at least. Something must be wrong with the ARC connection to the bar and the TV. Thanks for your help!
  • smise
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    Signa S2 base works, but no sound from the bar. The TV doesn’t acknowledge either HDMI ARC connection or optical. Only Blue Tooth works, but sound only comes through the bass. still nothing from the sound bar. Has the soundbar’s output suddenly one bad?
  • darrinos
    I have the Signa S2... I noticed today that my subwoofer isn't working. I've tried everything above, and it still does not work. I've tried pairing simultaneously, separately, unplug/plug, etc. Still, no bass. How to bring it back?
  • SeleniumFalcon
    I recommend beginning with Polk's CS department at: 1-800-377-7655 and have the serial number and date of purchase available when you call.