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My first post.... thought I would introduce myself. My name is Bobby. I am a retired shipfitter and have been into music all my life but it wasn't until 7 to 8 years ago that I started collecting and restoring vintage audio gear. I have a modest collection at the moment as I had to sell off a lot of my gear do to illness. I'm back at it and starting to build up my collection again. I am also a woodworker and have built several sets of speakers over the years. I am going to be building a dedicated home theater/ listening space. I have always loved Polk products and am excited to use all Polk in the theater. I am currently looking at the Signature line. I also want to have a vintage HiFi set up as well. I may be purchasing a Dynaco tube amp in kit form and using my Yamaha YP-D6 turntable with it in an all analog system.
I just finished restoring a set of MB Quart 280 speakers that I absolutely love but may have to part with them for something more efficient.
So any ways... just wanted to finally say Hello after lurking here for some time now. The pics below are of the Quarts and one of the crossover's I built for them. Figured I would test posting pics and provide a little eye candy at the same time. Don't know about all of you, but I have a healthy fetish for speaker pics.
I hope all is well with everyone during this crazy time and look forward to passing the time with all of you.



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    Welcome to insanity.....errrr Club Polk.
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    F1nut wrote: »
    Welcome to insanity.....errrr Club Polk.

    Well if that is the forums motto then I will fit right in...lol

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    Your picture looks like a man that posesses certain "skills"...
    Welcome aboard.
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    Hey, welcome, Bobby!
    Yeah, you'll fit right in.

    The Signatures can be a good fit for combo use speakers.
    I disabled signatures.
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    Welcome aboard!

    I used to run MBQ separates in my car system many, many years ago - always liked the sound...

    Great to have you here...
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    Thanks guys. I had never even heard of MBQ until I came across these. Right away they reminded me of a/d/s or Braun. I have not been able to confirm that Braun had a hand in these but I did find this written on the inside of one of them...

    I may start a thread on them in the vintage forum tomorrow. Meanwhile for anyone who may do a search for this model in the future, I found this interesting read from 1988....
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    Welcome to Club Polk, Bobby!