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For whatever reason, I had my taxes done early this year versus waiting to the last minute. Even though I only worked four months last year, I have to pay Federal, but get money back from the state. LOL

Anyway, with the c r a p occurring now I really don’t mind paying. Good luck everyone.
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    I won't be accepting money either even though I more than qualify.
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    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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    Nightfall wrote: »
    I won't be accepting money either even though I more than qualify.

    You should bro, if you qualify or pay forward

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    Nightfall wrote: »
    I won't be accepting money either even though I more than qualify.

    I will take whatever they give and pay it right back to clear the tax debt I incurred after my mother’s passing. I have just about that much left to give them anyway.
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    I get nothing, glad I don't qualify.
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    We got refund checks in the mail today (well, maybe yesterday). We didn't go to the P.O. yesterday. Social distancing and all that rot, eh what? :|

    We normally apply any refunds back to quarterly estimated taxes (for the next tax year), but, based on last year and anticipated for this, we actually took at least some of the refunds in cash form this year.

    I think I mentioned that, when I retired & started my consultancy LLC, I figured it was
    time to start using a CPA. I really, really like using a CPA for taxes, and I don't begrudge 'em a penny of their cost. The diminution of stress this time of year for both Mrs. H and me is priceless. :)

  • KexKex Posts: 4,270
    Amen for diminution of stress, dude!
    Alea jacta est!
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