Jennifer Warnes The Hunter available on SACD?

daddyjtdaddyjt Posts: 1,346
Just stumbled across this one on Amazon - one of my all-time favorite CDs, but I never knew it was available on SACD. Needless to say, it’s on the way.

Just posted this in case I wasn’t the only one who knew this existed!

Too much stuff to keep track of.

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  • GardenstaterGardenstater Posts: 716
    I went to check on it and they don't seem to have the album on either Qobuz or TIDAL.
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    An audiophile touchstone! :)

    I must confess -- I like Jennifer Warnes a lot (audiophile cred and Leonard Cohen tie-in notwithstanding) and I do use Way Down Deep to check for loose screws (and/or crossover components) on loudspeakers -- and I actually, actively enjoy listening to Somewhere, Somebody from that album. B)

    Do 'we' think (know) that's a gen-u-ine SACD as opposed to some sort of abstruse rip-off fulfilled by Amazon?

    Askin' for a friend.


    PS I do have a bit of a thing for bespectacled women. :|


    -- and -- why, yes, Mrs. H does wear glasses (at least at this point in her life)! ;)
    (not Mrs. H above -- that's Ms Warnes when she was callin' herself just Jennifer)

  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 8,699
    I ordered a used SACD - you pays your money and you takes your chances.
  • Viking64Viking64 Posts: 5,046
    I seem to recognize her name from the late 70s. I think she had a hit they played at the local roller-rink. :o
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 24,913
    Ms Warnes' big hits (that I recall as such, at any rate)

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