Building enclosures for Polk in-walls

Hi there.

After reading a lot of positive reviews of 265RT and 255CRT I decided to give the Polk in-walls a try. I was however a little concerned about sound leakage into adjacent room(s), so I decided to build 1.2 cubic feet enclosures between the 2"4 studs. On both sides (front/back) there will be 7/16" OSB + 7/16" gypsum boards.

This is how it looks this far with gypsum board (before caulking)
Center Enclosure:

L(/R) Enclosure:

And then for the million-dollar question:
How would you do the dampening and bracing?

My first 5 coins was something like this:

would that be ok? or do you recommend doing it in a different way?


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