Polk SRT vs Polk L800

MankiteMankite Posts: 14
I was wondering if anyone knows how the SDA compares from the SRT speakers to the new L800’s? I owned the SRT towers front and rear about 15 years ago and now just got the L800’s. I’m sure the L800’s are using better drivers and cabinets but wonder if the SDA soundstage is as good as the SRT’s. The SRT’s had this uncanny ability to create a soundstage that seemed to extend beyond the side walls. I know the new SDA is way simpler of a hookup with just one wire and no set top box but just wonder if they consider this version superior or just more convenient in terms of hook up.


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    Since you have the L800 then how does it compare to the SRT towers? These are so new you are one of the first to own them.
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  • MankiteMankite Posts: 14
    To me it seems the SRT had a wider SDA soundstage but I was more curious about the technical side. Is this SDA pro in the L800’s supposed to be superior overall or just a compromise to make it easier to install.
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    dromunds wrote: »
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