Man! Neil Peart of Rush has passed from Brain Cancer :(

What a shame :(
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    Sad day in the music/drumming world.

    I was introduced to Rush / Peart back in H.S. in the 80's. I was in a youth orchestra and there were brothers that played bass and drums that were major Rush fans. They had a three piece rock band. Their parents where well off so these guys had some pretty awesome gear and tried to emulate Rush. They even had a room they turned into a home studio. It was cool having a chance to listen to music, jam, and exchange ideas with them given there was SO much popular rock music that I'd never heard. I later purchased the Moving Pictures album and would jam to it. That's the power of music. Years later in college the drumline I was in played YYZ at a marching percussion competition. Some of those guys were major Rush fans so I know they are sad today. Just glad to have been exposed to the music and Neil Peart's drumming.


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