AirPods Pro for Christmas? How to Get Them!

Kex Posts: 4,429
This is for anyone that was hoping to get the AirPods Pro with noise cancelling in time for Christmas.

Unfortunately, if that was your plan, they are sold out everywhere, and online orders won’t be delivered until mid or late January, it is, however, still possible to find them for immediate pick-up!

First, go to this Product LINK.

Then, if they are not currently available for pick-up at your local store, check other stores nearby (if you have options). Check several times a day, including before stores open in the morning. You may get lucky.

Create a bookmark to the link above so it’s just a couple of clicks to check. In the example below, ALL of the stores showing availability today for immediate pickup had none all week, and delivery dates slipped from January 7 to January 13 or 22.


Alea jacta est!


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