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    For what it’s worth I’ve had the once TOTL Emotiva XPA 1 gen2 Mononlocks and Emotiva XSP preamp on the LSiM 705s prior filling out the home theater with LSiMs and moving to the Outlaw 5000 and 975 combo.

    The Emotiva definitely would jam and seemed to do so effortlessly, but tracks typically sounded more studio and less live. Maybe that’s a good thing for some. However the Outlaw in my opinion brings more openness and emotion. The sound of the 5000 for me is very close to the Yamaha M60 I had years ago, but multichannel. I love the detail and spaciousness it brings to the HT.

    At some point I’d love to step up to the higher end Outlaw amps, but for now I’m a really happy camper.
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