Are the RTiA7 better built than the RT8? I can buy the RT8's for 125.00 a pair or the RTiA7's for 300.00 a pair. That is a big price difference and I do not know if my ears would know the difference. Aesthetically, I really love the look of the RTiA7's over the RT8's. Any feedback on how these two speakers perform would be greately appreciated. I am new to the line of Polk (I am a Klipsh user) and would appreciate any help. Thank you!!


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    The RTIA7's are much better then the RT8's. They where a good speaker back in the 90's and sounded pretty good. For that kind of money both pairs are well worth the asking price if they are in good condition.
    The RTIA7's are a very nice sounding speaker.
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    I definitely would spend the extra cash and get the A7's.
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    I think the ‘A7s MAY be less bright. I pray someone chimes in to agree or correct my estimate.

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  • Thanks everyone! Looks like the general consensus is to go for the A7's. Thanks again!
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    gp4jesus wrote: »
    I think the ‘A7s MAY be less bright. I pray someone chimes in to agree or correct my estimate.

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    Oh no, the A7s will definitely be brighter than the RT8s which had the black silk dome tweeter, but the A7s are superior in every other way, including treble air and extension. I had the RT5s and RT7s years ago; the RT7s were really nice with the tri-lam dome tweeter and the 7 inch woofer and large cabinet. They could put out pretty solid bass and the tweeter was nicely balanced. The RT5s had the silk dome tweeter and smaller woofer and cabinet and I found them dull and boring all around fwiw...
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