Fur collar for my whizzers !

I'd seen this mod done before in pictures and now that I'm snowed in for a day or so, I decided to try it out.
I laid both of my Tannoy/Dayton full rangers side by side and then treated one whizzer with a twisted up piece of dacron fiberfill, gently stuffed behind the whizzer's cone.
It's supposed to dampen the movement somewhat and diffuse the back waves off of the whizzer from bouncing off the speaker cone.
I ran the tip of my finger lightly across the edge of the treated whizzer, listening to to see how much it differed from the untreated speaker.
There was an audible, less tinny sound, so I did up the other speaker and gave them a listen.
All I can say is WOW !
I used to have to set my Marantz's mid tone control back a bit to tame the HONK, but now have the amp on Pure Direct mode.........and it sounds great !
The nice thing is that it's totally reversible, with no permant mods to the speaker.



  • maxwardmaxward Posts: 412
    I need to give this a try. My whizzer has been a bit chilly of late.
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  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 23,563
    ahh, the ol' '98 cent Lowther tweak' :) from Mark Wauters.
    It can help a shouty driver (like a Lowther) -- better to go with a non-shouty driver in the first place, though, methinks.

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