Polk S30 or S35, which one should I get for my 5.1 setup

mhwebmhweb Posts: 2
I just purchase 4 S15 for a 5.1 setup, and now i'm looking into getting the center Speaker, I was going to go with the S35, but now I'm told the S30 would be a better choice.

Can someone with the experience suggest which one should I buy because is better?



  • BjornB17BjornB17 Posts: 700
    I don't have experience with the Signature series, but the S35 center looks like a low-profile sound-bar replacement and the S30 looks like a traditional center. I'd probably go with an S30 unless you need the low profile to fit under your TV or something.
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  • mhwebmhweb Posts: 2
    Yeah, that's what I'm hearing too. I have problems with the space, but I going to see if I can figure something out. Thanks,
  • MilitoMilito Posts: 655
    I had a S30 when I had my S55's. The only reason I would go with a S35 is if you didn't have room for the S30. Just about every review I read said get the S30. Just look at the specs and compare the speaker sizes.
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    If you have the room get an S30.
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