Polk Signa s2 disconnecting from TV when I turn off TV

Just got this soundbar and plugged it in and it worked and sounded great. Plug and play. Next time I go to turn on TV, TV no longer recognizes device and reverts to TV sound. I call samsung support first they have me reboot both and lo and behold it works.

Today again it does not work, but I am sure if I reboot it will work (or am hopeful).

I tried turning the soundbar off and on, but its not clear. One thing I did notice is that when it is working there is a green light on the soundbar but when it was not working it was other colors (not at home but can confirm). Seems like the "source" may be the issue or start up....any thoughts?


  • You are right about this source is main issue.

  • I have this same issue with a Samsung TV as well. Have you found a solution to the problem? Thanks
  • I recently the Signa S2, I notice that it take several seconds to hold the on/off button.
    Can this be updated?
  • I just bought mine this last weekend and it did same thing after 2 days. I also have a Samsung TV. When I plugged in the Signa S2 it worked right away but now I can't get tv to see it. I had to go to optical connection.
  • Was there a resolution? My 7000 series tv worked for a few mins. When changing the volume, “receiver” was displayed where the speaker volume was. Then it reverted to the internal speakers. I cannot get it back to “receiver”. I have connected via toslink but i need to use the polk remote to control volume. Which is a pain in the butt. When connected via toslink “optical” is displayed where the volume number would be. So my gut says theres a hdmi handshake issue between the speaker and the tv. I just updated the tv firmware and it didnt help.
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