Jon Anderson 3 Ships on cd

My sister wants this for her husband. They gave the jewel case but the cd is lost.
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    Olias of Sunhillow is a great album. I wasn't aware of 3 Ships. Strange that neither TIDAL nor Amazon Music have it for streaming. I see it's a Christmas Album:
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    The Youtube version above sounds pretty good. And it's free. :)

    Finding a CD would most likely be quite expensive.
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    I am sorry to say, I have only one of the Japanese versions of this CD. Anderson put out (essentially) an official "bootleg" version of this CD about 12 years ago. I am not sure how easy to get they are now. A little while back, they were pretty easy to get. I have a CD copy of Animation by the same company, and it's "ok"
    in sound quality. The EQ was messed with, IMO. Never heard the 3 ships though.

    After doing a search, I see they are going for $100.00 minimum (even the bootleg version). I certainly would only pay that price for and original Japanese copy and not the official bootleg version.

    PM me @muncybob if you are still interested in a copy.

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