Got A ‘New’ Marantz SM-11S1

First of all, I would like to thank Clipdat for not selling me his S300.
If he did, I wouldn’t have discovered the opportunity of buying this.
Just got it set up this morning, but had to re-arrange the rack to accommodate the cables and not put unnecessary strain on the connections.
As you can see with the light, don’t have XLRs but so far so good. What a difference to the previous Marantz PM8005 I owned. Everything has smoothed out, the soundstage has opened up and the grip/control of the music presentation is astonishing. Can’t wait to try out balanced mode, but having fun currently,,,
59lb also, crazy build quality.
Audio Room
PS Audio Perfectwave DAC MK2, Bridge 1 streaming perfectly now B)
Marantz SM-11S1
Foundation Research LC2
Kef XQ1 bookshelves
Dual Goldenear Forcefield 3 Subs
PS Audio receptacle
3 PS Audio Noise Harvesters
PS Audio power, interconnects and speaker cables
Homemade sound absorption
Lots of blocks for weight and a red single listening chair


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