good afternoon,
wondering if you have this 104 wood case in stock?
we're an authorized service center for Polk Audio in Ottawa and like to have it update and report for these new items if possibles
thanks again and enjoy your day.


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    Is this that Asian guy that was hanging out with Tony from Chicago?
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    Halen is going to throw a beer can at your head for sayin' that bro. :)
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    tonyb wrote: »
    Halen is going to throw a beer can at your head for sayin' that bro. :)

    If the can is full, I'll take it.
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    Once a beer is handed to me, it never leaves unopened. It is the 11th commandment. If I ordered it, someone ordered it for me, or a host offered, I always finish it. Even if I don’t like it.

    Now nuked steaks...... or authentic sushi and you order California rolls or whatever the fook you call it... friendship ends. Lol

    No idea what the OP topic is, it must have been really unworldly for me to get referenced. Cause I am unworldly.

    I normally leave my name at the end of things I post. But tonight. All you gonna get is... lol

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