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Started my 'love affair' with Polk back in 1985 when I was stationed in (West) Germany, protecting the Euro theatre of operations from the Soviet threat... purchased my 1st pair of Polk SDA1's, along with top notch Yamaha 'Natural Sound' stereo components while stationed at the 'Fulda Gap' with the 11th Armored Cav Regiment (Black Horse, sir!). Those Yamaha pieces are long sold off, but this original pair + a 2nd pair of SDA1's purchased stateside a few years later are now for offer.

Long story short, recently (last 5 years) I've upgraded to SDA1C's, CSR+'s, and 2.3TL's... just been slow to let go of the original speakers that got me started on my Polk Audio SDA obsession. Guess I bonded with those original SDAs (for like 25+ years!) and its been a tad hard to let them go. You can only hold on to so much hi-fi gear, heresy I know! After all these years, and faithful service, it is time to part ways with these 2 pair of speakers.

No upgrades have been done on these original speakers, and they operated just fine last I had them plugged in to my stereo systems. They have been inactive for about 5-6yrs, but stored in my house (not in a garage or outside storage situation).

Open to offers for individual pairs, or all four together. Not hung up on price, just would like to see the two pair go to enthusiast home(s). I'm in Bellevue, WA 98007. Ask questions here, but PM me with offers.


PS: I wasn't Infantry, or Scouts, or Tankers/Amor. I was a Russian linguist, attached to the 511th MI Company, 11th ACR.
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    Thank you for your service. GLWYS. D
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    “Why did you get married if you wanted big speakers?”
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    Dabutcher wrote: »
    “Why did you get married if you wanted big speakers?”. D

    Couldn't help but notice your attached quote! Been divorced for over 20+ years. When first married, my wife had an issue with my SDA1's - too big for her tastes. Years later, after being divorced for 10+ years, something came up as we spoke on an issue (had a child together so we kept in touch) and she happened to inquire if I still had those 'big-a$$ speakers' - I chuckled silently to myself and proudly answered, 'yes!'

    2.3TL's - Living Room
    CRS+'s (4.1 TL's) - Office
    SDA1C's - Famdamly Rm
    SDA1C's - Master Bedroom
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    Great anecdotes!

    Great service for USA!
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    Per forum rules, you must post a price. It can be OBO.

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    CORRECTION: These are SDA2's... not sure what I was thinking late last night when I posted this. Too late to make any edits.

    $200 a pair OBO.
    2.3TL's - Living Room
    CRS+'s (4.1 TL's) - Office
    SDA1C's - Famdamly Rm
    SDA1C's - Master Bedroom
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    Would luv a pair of SDA2' but I live a tad south of you in ....all the way down in Calif
    :neutral: *sobs and cries
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    I think posting some pics would help, since there are different variations of 2’s I have seen them miss labeled by sellers in the past...
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