why polk signature s60 is 2-way design ?

Hi everyone, firstly,please forgive me for my English. :(
I am using polk speakers, psw125 subwoofer and S20 bookshelf. I think they are very good value, the sound is also very wide and warm. I am going to continue to buy polk products in the future. For example, when I moved a bigger house, I might consider S60.

Excuse me, how about listening to music in the signature series S60?
I saw the introduction of the official website. The S60 is a 2-way structure speaker. I am very curious, loudspeaker of 4 drive units, why is it designed as 2-way? Will there be a compromise in the sound compared to the 3-way design?

thanks a lot!

Chris of Southern Hemisphere

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    I think it is considered a "2-way" since it is using 1 tweeter, and 3 identical 6.5" midrange/bass drivers. The primary crossover is between the tweeter and the 6.5" driver(s). If all 3 6.5" drivers were outputting the same sounds, it would only be a 2-way crossover between higher and lower frequencies.

    From the Polk website https://www.polkaudio.com/products/s60 near the bottom it says "Four-Driver Cascading Tapered Crossover Array".

    From the Q&A portion https://www.polkaudio.com/products/s60#QA there is a question about the "Cascading crossover." I don't know the answer for sure, but I think the answer is either correct or close. My guess is that the top 6.5" driver plays higher frequencies from tweeter the crossover point and all the lower frequencies, and the lower two 6.5" driver only play a range of lower frequencies. It is not considered a 3-way crossover since the top 6.5" driver is not getting its lower frequencies cut off. The crossover may not even be electronic. There might be a divider in the cabinet changing the cabinet size the speaker sees. This can create different frequency ranges and the performance of an individual speaker.
    Answer from Polk S60 website Q&A
    FUBARNOW · 7 months ago
    "It is my understanding that the S60 is a 2&1/2 way speaker. What this means is that the 3-- 6&1/2 inch drivers all play the same material EXCEPT the bottom 2 start to roll off sooner than the top driver which plays all the way to the Crossover Point-- making the top 6&1/2 inch driver the more of the midrange driver which crosses over to the tweeter. The crossover is somewhere around 2.5 to 2.8 kz--I can't remember right off. If I am wrong in my description of this speaker, I'm sure a Polk Employee will correct what I said--I got my information from a reliable source."

    In My Opinion (IMO) There is no compromise in sound between this and a 3 way. The tweeter and the top 6.5" driver are working to create the very good imaging of a two way speaker, and the lower speakers are helping improve the bass.
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    No need to get hung on how many "way" a speaker design is. There are many 2-way crossover designs that will outperform 3-way (or more way) systems. Part of the problem spreading out the crossover frequency points. The design should avoid crossover frequencies in the vocal range, otherwise it distorts voices (female in particular). Then there are phase issues.

    There are excellent speaker designs that are full range just to avoid using crossovers.

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    sounds like a 2 1/2 way design
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    Welcome @Chris1975 from the southern hemisphere!

    You will find that there is plenty of good advice and recommendations for speakers can be found on this forum. The posts above already show the knowledge and willingness to help.

    Glad you like Polk products! And I may say, your English is pretty good! :)
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    I may have wondered the same thing until I got some 2 way Usher speakers. I my opinion they leave nothing to be desired. A 2 way can be more than adequate for accurate sound.
  • thanks all friends!
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    Chris1975 wrote: »
    thanks all friends!

    Check reviews of s60s on the forum. People really like them!
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