points of first reflection

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you can enter inches, cm, meters, feet.
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    Thanks for sharing. I'd probably need special help with our room arrangement. It's got some of the big acoustic no no's. Open floor plan leading into the kitchen, vaulted ceilings, a glass cabinet, a fireplace. The room is rectangular but the speakers are in the shorter side down the middle. Speakers about two feet off the wall and so is rear couch. Honestly after running Audyssey the improvements are very notable. However sadly, most acoustic treatments would not get the wife approval factor :) Next house might need a dedicated theater room.
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    I’ve quit treating first reflections because I find it kills the soundstage. This has been replicated in multiple rooms as well.
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    I usually don't worry too much about that either, unless it's obvious like one side next to a big open area for the sound to bleed out into.

    Normally, we set up systems in a room with boundaries, for critical listening anyway. Casual listening isn't going to be bothered by first reflection points anyway.
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