Recent order concerns

Good afternoon,

I hope you're all doing well.

I called on 9/16 and placed an order over the phone with Polk CS for 2 RD0198s using the phone number on the website and pressing 2 to get to phone ordering.

I gave my information and email and was told an email would be sent about the order.

No email has been sent, and when I emailed customer support, they cannot seem to find the order.

I'm a bit flustered about this as I know I called Polk and it seems like no one there knows what they're doing.

My CC has been charged and I guess the tweeters will arrive, maybe? But they can't find the order when I emailed or when I just called again.


  • Chris, i also ordered from Polk and received no email on shipping. I received one 194 in about 10 days. I waited for the second for a few days but nothing. I called Polk and got Mike gave him my address and i explained the issue and was put on hold for a while and he came back and said the second 194 would ship and it arrived in a few days. Not a lot of help but they might be on the way...
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    I am tagging @KenCustomerService in this memo. Ken used to be on the Polk side of Sound United, but recently moved to work for the Definitive Technology portion (think I got that right).

    That said, he still maintains contacts with the Polk fella's, so hopefully he can see this and get it in front of the right people.

    Congrats on the new tweeters (once they arrive). I need to buy some to upgrade my old SDA 2A's myself, just keep slacking :blush:
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  • Hi @ChrisD,

    Send me a PM with your last name and I will look up the order for you. I still have that kind of access.
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    Thank you to @KenCustomerService for his assistance.
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