Thiel 3.6's - Interest??

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So, I'm jonesing for some SDA's again.

To that end, gotta thin the herd.

I've got a pair of black Thiel 3.6's.

The good: These are no joke destination speakers. I love 'em. Probably the best all around speaker I've had here at the Rancho de No Concerno. Open and airy. Transparent. Definition and imaging all in spades. Bass? Oh, heck yes.

The bad. These are 5/6 of 10. They are black cabs have some rash and one of the drivers has a wrinkle in it. I've discussed with a guy from Thiel....can't remember his name....I was going to send it for a rebuild but he's assured me that it's fine. The grills are fussy to install so I don't ever take them off. From the listening position though, they look good and sound amazing.

So, keeping cosmetics in mind.....I'm thinking 700. (the market seems to be ~1500)

No way I'm shipping these so come pick 'em up and I can audition them for you and ply you with lunch. I'm willing to deliver a reasonable distance as well. You buy lunch.

I reside in Charleston SC.....(sorry about that)



PS...for an even grand, I could be persuaded to let you leave with a pair of Quad 988's and a bottle of good of the the 988's would require repair....


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