Software update September 1 2019

I have a sb1 omni sound bar and sub and also 2 s6 as rear speakers. Everything was working great until this software update and now my rears dont connect again to the sound bar. The app detects them and allows me to turn the volume up or down individually but just won't work as surround sound. It keeps saying pairing failed. I reset the sound bar a few times and the s6 by switching them from 2g and 5g network and nothing has fixed it. Please help for fix. Thanks


  • Same problem here with Omni P1 streaming adapter. After the update the Android Polk app would detect the device, see the music services, but cannot connect to them. I get a error message stating “sorry .... each music service on this device can stream to one set of speakers at a time”. It may be app related because the Polk app on my iPod which did not update still functions properly and can access the music services.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Spaterno12. Since you mentioned the app worked on the iPad. I deleted the app from the app store (android) and redownload it again from Amazon app store. Same app and now everything is working great! Found a fix. (Android app)
    Polk Omni
    Get Polk Omni from the Amazon Appstore. Check it out -
  • The app is an older version. After I got my set up going, I deleted the app and redownload the app from the google app store just for the volume bar I can adjust. I tried to mess with some of the features but it messes the set up again. Hopefully they fix the bug soon. Also hope this helps.
  • Hey Jose100, thank you! It worked and I'm back up again. I really appreciate the suggestion. Good luck with your issue! Hope they fix the bug soon.
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