Allow me to sing the praises of "The Korf Blog" :)

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I don't think I've ever mentioned The Korf Blog here before (didn't turn up on a search).
I learned of it via one of the northern New England vacuum tube/analog hifi gurus (yes, there's a cabal of them up here; must be the long, dark, cold winters). It's a record player blog... and, unlike so, so many blogs dealing with analog/vinyl/rekkid playas, it's really, really excellent. Maybe a little more directed at one's right hemisphere than left, but really good.

Yeah, it can get a little technical, but it's well written by a person with a heart and a soul.

Imagine if it were written by someone who actually cared about hifi and who had a clue -- rather than a slavering Cretan cretin slavishly devoted to a suite of meaningless but easily performed measurements as the be-all and end-all of audio component performance assessment*. ;)

Highly recommended. :)

* Yeah, I'm not a big fan of ASR. :#


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    Good find! I'll be checking it out. Looking forward for some good reading.
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    If you're not a big fan of ASR why do you keep linking to them and giving them traffic and exposure?
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    Thanks @mhardy6647 . Enjoyed the DL-103 cap piece. Will keep reading.
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    The Korf Blog....I thought it was a Trekkie blog for Klingons. :p

    Actually, it looks a bit like what I would expect from Raiffe, if he were into vinyl. B)
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    Clipdat wrote: »
    If you're not a big fan of ASR why do you keep linking to them and giving them traffic and exposure?

    Same reason I talk about Klipsch loudspeakers. :|

    Happy to give them traffic & exposure. I find the site endlessly and perversely fascinating.
    I read many, many of their (his) reviews.
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    Cool blog! Thanks for sharing.
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    De nada.

    FWIW, this is the most interesting thing I've read today (and I am not being facetious)!

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    Thank you for that. Stretched my brain.
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