Harmony hub and MagniFi mini


First time posting here. Just got a new Magnifi mini and love it. Problem is my harmony hub/remote won't control the soundbar. Won't turn the bar on or adjust the volume up/mute etc. The only command that seems to work is lowering the volume which tells me that somehow the remote is working & talking to the soundbar.

Anybody else have this problem? I have the harmony hub with the companion remote. Everything else works fine with the remote.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/tips etc.


  • KexKex Posts: 3,312
    Seems odd that the Magnifi Mini wouldn’t already be completely in the Harmony database, but, you can teach any IR command to the Harmony remote using the original remote that came with the Magnifi Mini. Try the link below for troubleshooting issues, and make sure the device was added properly.

    Harmony Tech Support
    Alea jacta est!
  • polaris1polaris1 Posts: 2
    Thank you Kex. I'll give that a try later this evening when I get home.
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