LSiM Purchased during the Adorama Blow Out



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    You guys are worse than crack! Couldn't resist at the prices Adorma is charging. Break-in sucks. I almost forgotten how bad the LsiM sound right out of the box. A little more than 10 hours in and they are getting to be listenable. No this is not their permanent home, nor the CXN's.


    I like the basement shop very nice.

    I have played a bit with the 706C even with it sticking out of the cabinet. sounds a lot better than the 704C, has a fuller sound to it. I boxed it up so the wife wouldn't get pissed.

    Started building the new TV stand over thee weekend. Then it happened. I had everything cut, did a dry layup before glue and it was great. I leaned the boards up against the wall went to get another then the wind blew a 60"X20" piece of 18mm Baltic Birch over as my back was turned. Didn't even hear it coming. Corner of it caught my calf and tore down to the foot where it bounced and took a big chunk out. Deep enough to be a big pain but not requiring stitches. My wife is a former LVN so I am lucky there.

    After the wife patched me up I screwed up and went back to glue it up... very dumb of me. On Wednesday after work I looked at it, I made too many mistakes during the glue up. It was a screw it moment, busted out the skill saw cut it up and tossed it all in the dumpster at work. Yes I canned $80 in wood.

    I will start again in a few weeks when I can walk semi normal. the chunk of missing skin and bruise still hurts. I would post a picture of it but it might cause someone to get sick.

    You all have a nice weekend and enjoy the Legend's. Time for Taco's and some Pink Floyd.
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