Fx1000 crossover

I am not getting any power to the drivers on one of my FX1000 speakers. I swapped out the drivers with the good speaker and still did. It get any output from the drivers. Tweeters work fine.

I assume it’s the crossover. Anyway to repair?



  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 16,355
    Pull the cross over and post pictures.
  • warlocks1warlocks1 Posts: 1,191
    See attached. The white/green and white/blue go to the 2 drivers.

  • Inspector 24Inspector 24 Posts: 1,306
    If nothing is burned and everything is tight try re soldering all the joints. Might have one that broke that is difficult to or you can’t see. Probably just need to re melt what’s there.
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  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 16,355
    Your first post is a little confusing. so you took the drivers out and put them in the good speaker and still didn't get any sound out of the drivers is that correct? If so I'd say that you have some bad drivers. Now if you hook them up to the known good speaker and they worked then definitely something in that cross over. I would hook up all the drivers outside of the cabinet to the crossover put some power to them a little bit and wiggle wires capacitors resistors and see if you find one that you wiggle and sound comes out of then you know that you're offending portion of the crossover.
  • warlocks1warlocks1 Posts: 1,191
    The drivers are fine, it’s the crossover that’s bad
    The top binding post are for the tweeters and they work fine. I bypassed the crossover and wired both drivers directly to the bottom posts and they sound fine. What damage can I do this way?

    Appreciate the responses
  • ddogddog Posts: 228

    Is that a split in the Cap....?
  • ddogddog Posts: 228
    edited July 2019
  • warlocks1warlocks1 Posts: 1,191
    I didn’t notice any cracks. I will check when I get home
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