AURALiC mini and Spotify

I recently changed my streaming service from Tidal to Spotify. The mini has connection issues with Spotify and wouldn’t change songs. I checked out the Auralic website and there were posts from 2018 on this problem but they didn’t indicate that the issue has been resolved. I have loaded the most recent beta firmware and will see if that is a fix. Anybody have experience with this issue?


  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 7,140
    I recently changed my streaming service from Tidal to Spotify.

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    I like the playlists
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    I like the playlists

    Transfer them to tidal. That’s what I did. U can probably even do this with the free Spotify account. Pretty sure I used this to do it:
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    I’m hoping the firmware option works otherwise I will have to pursue your option. Thanks
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    I can admit the playlists that spotify puts together on their own can be quite good. I never found Tidal able to keep up in that sense. Soundiiz isn't bad but recently they instituted a paid option so I believe you can only have a couple hundred songs per playlist. I had to break mine down into 20 something playlists and pulled them in. Problem with Tidal is that they don't combine them all into one big playlist and won't let me search for a single song on any of my playlists.

    Frustrating a bit but it does sound better than Spotify.
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    I’m not familiar with Soundiiz, I will have to check it out. I have a Bluesound that I use with my other system and it is really easy to use.
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