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I just recently purchased a Polk theater system, and it is my first ever. I am extremely happy with the two side speakers, but the center channel speaker appears to be having some issues during certain dialogue and a few other instances.

The audio appears to be hitching at certain points, could someone take a look at this audio snippet and let me know what they think? Oops, looks like the file format isn't supported... hopefully there are a few common tips I can follow anyhow.

I imagine I will try and re-wire it to the receiver, which is the Denon E400. However, I'm hoping someone will have some other ideas on here.


To clarify a little bit, it's when the voices are a bit hushed. It's extremely prevalent on female voices.
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    Have you run the calibration program? If so and it's still a problem, you can always go into the AVR to adjust the settings more to your liking.
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