Common ground amplifier

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Sorry if this has been answered before. I've searched the forums but have come up empty.

My question is..
I have a SimAudio Moon Titan HT-200 7ch amplifier and would like to know if it is a common ground amplifier...?

Thanks in advance.


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    Best bet would be to get ahold of the folks at SimAudio and ask. Because it is fed by a single toroidal transformer, I am guessing that it is, but on an amp like that, I would ask first.
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    Thanks man... I gave them a call this morning. Waiting on them to get back to me..

    Thanks again.
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    I believe you can also use a multimeter and check the resistance between the terminals, but don't go with that until someone backs me up! :)
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    There are two transformers in the 5 and 7 channel versions of the amp. Only one transformer in the 3 channel version. Good idea to check on it to be sure given the fully balanced design it has. The owner’s manual does not say anything specific about grounding but does advise on how to share output between the channels to take advantage of both transformers. My guess is it is common ground.

    Cool amp.
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  • ddogddog Posts: 228
    Thanks guys... I keep reading the owners owner's manual over and over in hopes that that portion would make more sense to me

    I'll check it with a mm tonight while I wait for SimAudio to call back...
  • ddogddog Posts: 228
    Well... I did the continuity test on the BIG 7ch Moon Titan last night...
    This amplifier utilizes two transformers, one for 4 channels and the other for 3 channels. Turns out that it is only a common ground on the chennals that are powered by the correspond transformer.

    Luckily I was able to find a Dreadnought and it should be here Monday...YaY!!
  • ddogddog Posts: 228
    Just checked FedEx and the Dreadnought looks to be out for delivery today!!

    Yesterday I pulled a dedicated 30amp line just for the full Moon to eat off of...
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