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Hi, I'm new to forum but I've owned my SRS 3.1 speakers since I bought them new in the 80's. I'm definitely not knowledgeable about these things on the technical side. I'm thinking about refreshing them ( yet to decide how) and have been reading various threads. For my first dumb question, I see speakers referred to both as SRS 3.1 and SRS 3.1TL in threads. Is the addition of TL significant in terms of it being a different model/specs? Mine are just SRS 3.1


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    Pretty sure they are one and the same. IIRC they never came with an SL2000 tweeter. The TL refers to the SL3000 tri-laminate tweeter. Polk has designed a newer better tweeter called RD-0198 or rdo198. They are about 50.00 each well worth the investment. Of course you could recap your cross over with better film caps and better resistors and unleash the best they have ever sound they have ever had. All depends on how deep your pockets are. They are well worth the investment.
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    The SRS 3.1 and SRS 3.1TL are the same speaker. Sometimes the label on the back will be written as "SRS 3.1" and sometimes written as "SRS 3.1TL". The "TL" refers to the SL3000 trilaminate tweeter used in the 5th generation SDA SRS series (SRS 1.2TL, SRS 2.3TL, and SRS 3.1 TL).

    Adding to the confusion, there is a 4th generation SRS 1.2 and an SRS 2.3 which used the SL2000 tweeter. HOWEVER, the labels on the backs of the 5th generation SRS series with the SL3000 tweeter didn't always have "TL" in the model name on the back label. My SRS 1.2TL's are labeled "SRS 1.2".

    Sometimes after a model number change, such as from SRS 1.2 to SRS 1.2TL, or SRS 2.3 to SRS 2.3TL, Polk would use up all the labels from the earlier model.

    But wait, there never was a 4th generation SRS 3.1 with the SL2000 tweeter, therefore one might think there should be no SRS 3.1 labels and all the labels should say SRS 3.1TL. There was supposed to be a 4th Generation SRS 3.1, but it was delayed and was released as the 5th generation SRS 3.1TL. The earliest manufactured 3.1TLs received the labels that were supposed to go on the SRS 3.1s.

    There was also supposed to be a 5th generation SRS CRS 4.1TL, but the SDA Series was discontinued before it came to market.
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    Thanks for the info. I was hoping they were the same. The tweeter change I've seen in many threads and I can probably do that one myself, so I'll make that my starting point. The crossover will most likely be over my head and possibly my wallet, I'll need to find a place that knows it's stuff. Any suggestions?
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