Bluesound Node 2i Streamer

Up for sale is my Bluesound Node 2i streamer which is the latest Node which replaced the Node 2. It's gotten rave reviews with improved sound quality over its predecessor.

Purchased Dec 2018 from an authorized dealer. I went to an all in one box solution with the NAD M10 so no longer needed.

For Polkies with 100 posts or more. I will throw in a PS Audio Jewel C7 power cord 1.5m and a Ghent Audio 1m coax at asking.

Asking 400 + ship and PP.

Thanks for looking!
2Ch Tube Audio Convert


  • jbail2011jbail2011 Posts: 49
    I love mine, glws!
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  • Kev48268Kev48268 Posts: 8
    Is this 220 volt
  • WagnerRCWagnerRC Posts: 1,888
  • dkfreebirddkfreebird Posts: 1,091
    WagnerRC wrote: »

    I'm thinking about it.Trying to decide on it or to go up a notch.
    I have someone that might be willing to bring one over so I can give it a listen.
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  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,667
    Bump for an active sale...
  • sajambamsajambam Posts: 1
    I’m interested if you would be willing to do $400 total with the extras included. PM me if that works for you.
  • aboroth00aboroth00 Posts: 1,069
    2Ch Tube Audio Convert
  • TEAforONETEAforONE Posts: 70
    Absolutely a GREAT deal!
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