KLH Albany Bookshelf Speakers

Hello all,
I have a like brand new pair of KLH Albany Bookshelf speakers for sale. I have the original box manual etc. They where only used for a very short time. They probably are not even broken in. They are some nice sounding little speakers.
I'm gonna let them go for $400.00 for the pair shipped if you live in the US.
I can take more pic's but here they are when I got them .
Here is a link if you wanna check out the spec's. They are rated to hit down to 35hz but I don't think that is correct. I feel they play down to around 40-50hz very well and drop off around 39hz. I did not sweep them to test this but they don't make strong low end bass. They require a nice fast smooth subwoofer to go with them if you want full range. The mid to top end performance is smooth and clean. Very pleasing to sit back and listen with a nice glass of Cabernet or bottle if you will LOL.
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