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    PS Audio has a great product for sure.
    Love my S300.
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    dolbyd wrote: »
    PS Audio has a great product for sure.
    Love my S300.

    Me too.....I like it better than my previous Parasound Halo A21.
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    I’ve been putting a lot of time on these. I had a buddy over last Sunday who has pass labs monos, and he was even impressed by these amps. He was skeptical as I was, we both weren’t sure class D was up to snuff. They have remained smooth through break in, I was a little concerned as I was lacking detail. My Focals are detail monsters, so this was strange for me. They’ve been left on 24/7, and would say I have 80 hours of play on them. I was pleasantly surprised last night! I got a nice serving of detail! So much so, that a buddy and I stayed up till 3 AM blasting tunes and playing pool. The wife is a little grumpy today lol! Bless her heart for dealing with my BS.
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