Combine Vintage LSi9 with LSIM



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    Why not order a kit off Parts Express and get your DIY on? Instead of trashing a perfectly good speaker? But...its yours. lol
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    Especially yours

    Someone my age would have far better high frequency ability, that would not convey to what you deem good sound.

    As usual a broad brush and untrue statement. Over the last decade spending time with true audiophiles most over 50, some that can hear a gnatfart, you'd be surprised of what a well trained ear can utmost understand and convey

    It is extremely rare for a man over 45 or so to retain the high frequency hearing ability they had when even 30 or 35.
    Hearing ability gradually diminishes due to age in all people.

    Well trained or not, the fact remains that high frequencies are not heard as well as when the same person is younger.

    If you have some data showing that hearing does not decline with age, I would be very happy to read it.

    Until then my Broad brush stands... :)
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    Fugly looking things man, and I can't imagine the sound is better than either in original form. The LSIM line is way better than the LSI line, why mess with it.

    If you dig the LSI line, and want better bass, get a better subwoofer to compliment the 9's. Todays subs are miles better than yesterdays. What you did here, was waste 2 good speakers for one that isn't going to be worth the price of the 9's alone.

    But hey, in the end....your money to spend or waste as you see fit so enjoy. You just won't find many here knocking down your door to buy a pair.
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