wireless S2 surround speaks with SB1+ dropping audio

I've been having this issue for a few years now, where the surround S2 speakers drop out for a second or 2 then come back. I was OK with this initially but its becoming distracting now and takes me out of the enjoyment of watching movies and game of thrones.

Here is my current set up. I have a SB1+ with a USB to ethernet dongle (Amazon.com branded) to a Cat6 Ethernet cable to a 16-port unmanaged Ethernet switch which again is connected via a Cat6 Ethernet cable to my Apple Time Capsule router.

I have also tried wiring up the S2 surround speakers with Cat6 or Cat 7 cables with the same Amazon branded USB to Ethernet dongle, this also does not seem to have helped the audio dropping situation either.

I am looking for any advice which may stop the audio from dropping. I am starting to lean towards getting a proper surround sound receiver and hard wiring passive speakers since my priorities have changed from convenience (doing everything wirelessly) to focusing on audio quality.


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