Monitor 5B Hidden Gems

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I was out of town, which always seems to be the case when vintage Polks appear in a local CL ad. Called up my FIL and being the trooper he is, goes and picks these up for me. 60 deflated dollars and next day later, they are in my possession. Hooked them up, SL2000's work but as always are hard to listen to for long periods. Cracked open the spare set of rebuilt and modded RDO-194s on hand and they dropped right in. MUCH better highs, smooth and balanced. Can't wait to rebuild the X-overs and and do some other mods. These things IMAGE. Last I remember hearing a set of 5Bs, they sounded better to me than the 7B's in the midrange dept. The mid base and low 30's hz are so accurate on these playing my favorite instrumental jazz, old school and new. Very happy to reminisce over these jewels...


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    Congrats on a nice pair of M5s, they should sound great with a small investment in up grades.
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    Thanks Randy. I wasn't trying to ask a question or was I lol.
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    stevep wrote: »
    Looks like those will need the spacer/washer behind the tweeter screws so the faceplace isn't distorted. I love my 5B's.

    These were the burnt set I got from VSAT and rebuilt with aftermarket silk domes. These frames have been butyl-matted on the back sides. I believe that once they have been torqued down at the mount screws, those indentions are there to stay.

    P.S. can someone please explain to Vanilla that I meant to say indentions, not intentions. Damn computers are getting dumber by the day.


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