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I have the Lightning Server for one system and Cambridge Connect for the other system and both are a little difficult to use with a large collection of files. Lightning Server does have the edge in ease of use, but I am not used to Cambridge Connect yet. I am wondering if any of you have difficulty with negotiating large collections and if you have found a solution that makes it easier to do.



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    One more question, do they still make green Jello?
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    Roon. Makes large libraries and Tidal as easy to manage as picking your nose.
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    ZLTFUL wrote: »
    Roon. Makes large libraries and Tidal as easy to manage as picking your nose.

    I couldn't agree more on Roon. I was amazed how fast and accurate it was without mistakes or omissions.
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    Do you folks have the lifetime guarantee? If so do you have a coupon?
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    I have a Q, having been a past user of JRiver. How well does Roon recognize/label/file everything? One of my MAJOR complaints of JRiver is/was when I went to rip a bunch of CDs, there was always a good % of individual tracks that went off to 'neverland.' Incorrect/no labels, I had to track them down, and edit them in the database to associated them to the overall album (CD) that was ripped. A heck of a lot of manual db work, for something that is suppose to be automatic/effortless.

    Right now I'm a few revs/releases back, and have a stack of new CD's that I've been reluctant to rip/put in my system. The more I read about Roon, the more I'm thinking about a change.

    60-70% of the 'new stuff' in JRivers I probably don't use. I find their whole blog/stream of consciousness website a bunch of BS as far as finding real info to solve the issues I've had configuring the s/w to my liking.

    Is it too much to ask these days to have a viable User Manual to find all the answers to our questions?

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